Arrow Stencils

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Paint clear directional cues on roadways or in parking lots using large arrow stencils or stencil kits. Choose from curved or straight arrow stencils, combo arrow stencils, or arrow head- or tail-only kits to customize your pavement markings to expected traffic volume and to direct intended flow. Arrow stencils made of tough polyethylene plastic are durable enough for repetitive use with aerosol paint or a marking gun. Choose from a range of DOT- and FHWA-compliant arrow stencils and kits, which are designed for painting large, highly visible turn lane symbols and navigational instructions on roadways or in parking lots: We carry various templates, including curved and straight arrows and multi-piece arrow stencil kits, to tailor markings for specific locations. Our specialty roadway stencils allow you to paint chevron arrows, U-turn symbols, and left and right turn lane indicators sized for commercial parking garages, interstates, and highways. Paint your parking lot using our parking lot stencils designed to create crisp directional cues.

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