Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-skid or anti-slip traction tape is a safety essential for any workplace: Durable, slip-resistant grit tape decreases the risk of slips and falls, reducing liability exposure and boosting workforce effeciency. This durable, self-adhesive non-skid tread tape is backed with a superior adhesion compound that's resistant to solvents so it's economical and easy to install.

Our contoured anti-slip tape is a long-lasting, reflective grit tape that features a ridged pattern and ceramic microspheres for reliably bright, safe lane marking. Find durable options that comply with OSHA standards, including yellow and black striped hazard anti-slip tape to improve employee awareness on slippery or uneven floors. Striped and brightly colored warning tape can be used in aisles, doorways, stairways and other environments to alert employees and customers of potential hazards. We also carry solid-colored, camouflage and caution message slip-resistant tapes, each in a range of size options to help suit your precise needs.

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