Rumble Strips

Removable rumble strips help improve roadway safety and help reduce speed through traffic flow changes or construction zones. These rumble strips and road markers help improve motorist and pedestrian safety through tactile vibration and audible rumbling that quickly alerts drivers that they've strayed from their lane. Rumble strips can be used in areas preceding stop signs or in zones where reduced speed or additional caution is needed, similar to speed bumps. Unlike permanent thermoplastic, asphalt, or grooved rumble strips, our removable rumble strips and bot dot road reflectors are durable, cost-effective, and easy to install—but can be removed as needs change. Choose your preferred installation method—epoxy kits, butyl pads, bituminous adhesive—for a secure bond to concrete, asphalt, or paved road surfaces, no special equipment required. Browse our inventory of traffic control solutions, to find additional road safety supplies.

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