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Rumble strips are an easy, affordable way to get drivers to stay in their lanes. By causing tactile vibration and audible rumbling, drivers are quickly alerted that they've strayed from their lane. Rumble strips can also be used to alert drivers of an upcoming stop sign or to heighten driver awareness during construction, in school zones or in any area where extra caution is critical. Unlike thermoplastic, asphalt or grooved rumble strips, our rumble strips are cost-effective and easy to install.

These permanent rumble strips are constructed from long-lasting, .25-inch thick polymer with a tensile strength of 250 PSI plus 75-105 shore durometer hardness for exceptional strength and durability. Our simple, quick installation method requires no special equipment. Each strip is built with a pre-applied adhesive bond that creates a secure attachment on concrete and asphalt. We offer rumble strips in black, yellow-green, white and orange. We also carry a large selection of traffic control signs for additional road safety.

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