Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Get the necessary floor cleaning and maintenance products to make sure that your workplace floors are ready for floor tape or floor marker application.

Prepare Floors for Floor Tape Application
We offer a variety of floor cleaning and maintenance products for your workplace floors. Proper cleaning before application is vital to the longevity of your floor markings. And any maintenance technician will tell you that using the right floor cleaning products can greatly increase efficiency when working to keep your floors looking good and striving for continuous improvement.

Proper Application and Maintenance
We carry floor cleaning and maintenance products that are essential for proper and successful floor tape application. We also offer products that are very helpful in upkeep and maintenance, such as our Kaizen Cart. It's important to note that the prep work and maintenance required for painted floors is significantly more than that associated with floor marking tape. Prep work for painting can take several hours, whereas prep work for floor tape application usually takes less than an hour.

Using the right tools, such as our Floor Tape Applicator, your floor markings can last a lot longer and improve workplace productivity.

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