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Our durable, hook-and-loop backed Superior Mark® Floor Marking Carpet Tape is the best way to mark directional cues and safety instructions on low-pile carpeting. We’ve paired the durability and strength of our patented Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape with hook-and-loop fastener backing to create the perfect reusable tape for offices, municipal buildings, and schools with carpeted floors. Select from a range of colors, patterns, and wording, or customize your floor markings with text and graphics to create easy-to-understand visual cues to suit your unique needs. As with our adhesive floor markers, pre-cut arrows, dots, and footprint markers for carpeting can help organize queue lines and direct foot traffic. The hook-and-loop fasteners allow you to remove your visual cues without damaging carpets or leaving behind residue.

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The Best Floor Tape for Carpets

Floor marking tape improves safety and visual communication in warehouses and industrial facilities but what floor tape works on carpet? Superior Mark® Carpet Tape is the best option for areas where adhesive tape can’t be used—it applies easily, is durable, can withstand daily foot traffic, doesn’t peel or flake away, and removes without leaving damage behind. With options for custom-printed messages or graphics, this is the best floor marking tape for carpeted floors.

Our Superior Mark® Carpet Tape is constructed to last:

  • Rugged PVC (vinyl) surface is easy-to-clean and resists dirt
  • 32 mils thick with beveled edges for durability
  • Hook & Loop backing sticks securely, removes easily, and is re-usable
  • 100-foot rolls are available in 2- or 4-inch widths
  • Pre-cut options include arrows, footprints, and corner markers

Where to Use Carpet Tape

  • Municipal Buildings: Carpet tape is helpful for directing foot traffic, indicating queuing requirements, and providing instructions in waiting areas.
  • Offices: Designate work areas, use for staging purposes when re-arranging, or create organized storage areas.
  • Hallways: Provide clear directional cues in hallways and throughout the building with guiding lines, dashes, or arrows.
  • Public Transportation Facilities: Create visual cues for check-in processes, one-way traveled lanes, waiting areas, and important travel instructions.
  • Schools: Carpet tape is popular for marking classroom floors—it's a favorite among instructors for keeping their classrooms organized, designating line-up areas, and creating places for play.

Like our floor tape that withstands forklifts dragging heavy pallets over it, our carpet tape is strong and durable enough for use in any high-traffic area. The hook-and-loop-backed tape holds tight on carpeted floors and removes without leaving sticky residue or damage behind.

Use colored lines, shapes, and signs, or create custom-printed carpet tape that meets your facility’s specific needs. For the clearest visual instructions, use a combination of color, graphics, and text to aid in navigation or share important information. Use our custom floor tape tool to create carpet tape to suit your needs. Test carpet tape application, wear resistance, and removal with a free floor marking sample pack.

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Carpet Tape FAQs

How do you use carpet tape?

Superior Mark® carpet tape can be used for visual marking on a variety of carpets. However, it is not recommended for shag.

How do you use carpet tape on a rug?

Cut tape to desired length. Then place it down on the carpet and apply pressure. The tape will remain in-place until removed.

Is carpet tape removable?

Yes, Hook & loop backing fasteners make sure carpet tape stays in place, yet is easily removed without residue.

How do you remove carpet tape?

To remove carpet tape, simply pull start pulling on one end until the tape is removed. It's hook and loop backing allows the tape to be pulled-off easily

How strong is carpet tape?

Superior Mark® carpet tape is made from PVC material and features beveled edges. This ultra-durable tape will last for years in a workplace setting.