Hazard Floor Tape

Bring attention to worksite hazards with checkerboard or diagonal-striped Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape in a range of colors. This industrial floor marking tape helps improve visual communication in warehouses, factories, and other facilities—choose tape designs to meet safety standards and provide clear, color-coded cues at a glance. Perfect for Lean and 5S initiatives.

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Industrial Strength Hazard Floor Marking Tape

Our Hazard Floor Tape is available in checkerboard, diagonal stripe, and contrasting line designs, so you can find the ideal visual communication solution for your industrial facility. Clearly label hazardous areas and dangers so employees and visitors can spot risks at a glance and proceed with necessary caution. The recessed adhesive sticks easily and withstands regular traffic, but can be removed in one piece when floor plans change or tape repair is necessary.

Choose contrasting colors, like black and yellow for marking physical hazards or red and white for danger, stop, or to designate fire safety concerns. With so many color combinations, you will find floor tape options to meet all your visual communication and floor marking needs.

Hazard floor marking tape is ideal for:

  • Work Stations
  • Do Not Cross
  • Do Not Enter
  • Aisles and Elevation Changes
  • Exits
  • Stop
  • Fire Hazard

Improve facility-wide accident prevention programs when you pair diagonal-striped or checkerboard floor tape with text and graphics—we carry a variety of safety and caution messages on industrial-grade vinyl tape and custom-printed signs.