Facility Safety

Support industrial accident prevention initiatives with facility maintenance and safety supplies, including first-aid kits, anti-slip tape, workplace safety compliance signage, and crowd control solutions. Our facility safety supplies are designed to prevent workplace accidents and limit liability. Post clear warnings and visual cues with high-quality safety labels or signs that communicate facility dangers, hazards, and policies to employees and visitors. GHS-SDS supplies, labels, training materials, and binders help your facility comply with regulations for safe chemical storage and handling. Physical barriers, such as protective bumpers and corner caps, along with safety gear and personal protective equipment designed for the job at hand, help reduce physical injuries and prevent exposure to hazards. Reflective and anti-slip tape can streamline traffic flow and prevent slips and falls, which allows your facility meet required standards and self-imposed safety goals. Similarly, our facility safety supplies allow you to mark pinch points, high voltage areas, or other hazardous locations with labels that display operational rules and make employees aware of dangers.

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