Personal Protective Equipment Signs

Display personal protective equipment floor signs to help remind employees to follow PPE requirements while on the job to reduce injuries and accidents. OSHA guidelines state that proper personal protective equipment must be used to prevent the risk of harm from hazards in the environment or dangerous processes. Our safety gear floor signs provide visual cues showing goggles, glasses, hard hats, gloves, hearing protection, steel-toe shoes, and other protective gear. Our floor signs are available in vinyl, rubber, inlaid mesh, and our patented Superior Mark® material. Our easy-to-apply vinyl, rubber, and Superior Mark® floor signs install quickly, withstand foot traffic and cleaning equipment, and remove without leaving residue behind, while our inlaid mesh signs affix with a permanent epoxy adhesive. Choose the message and material to meet the needs of your facility. For large areas where goggles, aprons, or other safety devices must be worn, pair floor signs with repeat message floor tape to create a visual boundary.

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