Application & Maintenance Resources

Less needed maintenance and ease of application make our products top pick for floor tape.

Our clients will tell you, when they use our Superior Mark™ products, the time they spend on application and maintenance is significantly less than when they used competing tapes or paint.

Our products are superior in design and durability. Our Superior Mark™ tape is much thicker than competing tapes (32 mls) and the beveled edge design with recessed adhesive make the tape more durable in industrial settings. Applying Superior Mark™ can take days less than painting lines and our overhanging liner makes the tape easy to put on floors.

In this section we'll share some of our best information to get optimal durability from our products, tips on maintenance, stories from our clients about how application and maintenance costs are less with Superior Mark™ Tape compared to painting or using other tapes and how some tools and carts we've designed can help with application and maintenance.

The good news is that after you purchase Superior Mark™ Tape, we're here for you. Whether you get more information from here in the Resource Center or you email or call us, we are eager to help you apply the tape in the best way, as well as help you with maintenance of the product.

Check out this video to see step-by-step instructions on how to use our top three cleaning products: Our floor sign cleaning degreaser product, our adhesive removal product and the paint remover chemical product.

Applying Superior Mark™ floor tape is easy to do and this video offers a comparison of painting an exit floor graphic versus applying it with a Superior Mark™ pre-cut kit. Applying Superior Mark™ floor marking tape is so much quicker – see for yourself.