Queue Line Floor Signs

Offering directional instructions to customers is an important part of the efficiency of a retail floor, office or other location offering products or service. Where to stand in line doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out our customer pathways and privacy and queuing systems. Customized messages, logos and graphics can be added to any of these products.

All of these products can be customized and ordered in a variety of colors and additional sizes. Pathway signs are constructed of a durable material that are easily cleaned. Pathways are easily applied with an adhesive that keeps the sign in place, until you need to move it. Queue signs can be used indoor or outdoor and have a foam bottom layer that grips a hard floor or concrete, or a Velcro backing to attach to carpet. The top surface of the pathway features a non-slip texture. Use them one at a time or fit them together to create the exact path you want customers to follow. Add additional signage about using cell phones, what the line is for, documents to have ready and more.

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