Safety & Caution Floor Tape

Improve visual communication of workplace hazards using safety and caution floor tape featuring warning messages and contrasting stripes. Using clear, easy-to-read text and bold graphics that follow OSHA- or ANSI-designated color-coding standards allows staff and visitors to recognize dangers at a glance. Our industrial floor tape withstands heavy machine, forklift, and equipment traffic, but can be removed easily without leaving behind damage or residue. Use our patented safety and caution floor tape to mark physical hazards, provide building-specific notices, and remind employees of PPE or authorization requirements in specific locations. Pair our floor tape and safety floor signs to create prominent visual cues that help improve compliance with OSHA standards and prevent accidents.
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    Repeat Messaging Tape

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    Hazard Tape

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Improving Safety in With Floor Marking Tape

Specific colors and messages are easy to recognize—yellow for caution, orange for warning, and red for fire hazard or stop, for example. These safety messages are standardized, making important—even life-saving—messages easy to recognize at a glance. While OSHA requires specific colors and sets requirements for lettering contrast, not all safety messaging is regulated. Explore a variety of standard options to warn of physical hazards, mark electrical panels, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits, and remind staff to keep areas clear of debris. For more specific safety messages, create custom floor tape to suit your location’s specific needs. To Choose the right floor tape for your facility, work within a consistent color scheme and include text and graphics to complete the message.

Some of the options available include:

  • Do Not Block
  • Keep Clear
  • Fire Hazard
  • Caution Do Not Enter
  • Danger
  • PPE Required
  • Stop

When it comes to floor tape for safety messaging, you can boost facility-wide OSHA-compliance with the right floor marking tape application. Pair floor tape and other signage to improve safety protocols and accident prevention strategies.

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Safety & Caution Tape FAQs

What is caution tape used for?

Caution floor tape is ideal for creating prominent visual cues for common physical hazards or building-specific notices.

How can floor markings improve safety?

Floor markings bring attention to hazards, share directions and warnings, help separate foot and vehicle traffic, and provide easy-to-see notices regarding emergency exits, egress, and health and safety equipment.

What safety color is used for floors?

Most floor marking color combinations are designated by the facility's own color standards, but OSHA and ANSI guidelines reserve red for fire-related hazards and fire safety equipment, and emergency switches; orange for warning and work zones; yellow for physical hazards and to urge caution; green for health and first aid messaging; and blue for non-emergency and safety notices.

How long is a roll of caution tape?

All Superior Mark® floor tape, including caution tape, is 100 feet long.