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Superior Mark® floor marking tape rolls are perfect for striping warehouse floors, outlining aisles, marking material storage, or displaying hazard warnings. Create visual cues in industrial facilities to designate work cells, pallet placement locations, exits routes, or areas that must remain unobstructed. Our floor tape is durable and can outlast heavy foot and vehicle traffic, but is easy to remove—often in one piece—making it ideal for Lean and 5S initiatives that require flexibility to change floor layouts. Look for freezer tape formulated to stick in cold storage areas, economical vinyl floor tape options, and our patented beveled edge design for the best long-term application. Pair solid, checkered, or hazard striped floor tape with custom floor tape and signs for facility-specific messaging.

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Industrial and Warehouse Floor Marking Tape Rolls

Floor tape application is simple with by-the-roll floor marking tape. Our tape roll options include solid colors, striped or checkered patterns, repeating messages, and custom-printed text and graphic floor tape. When using a floor tape applicator cart, you can keep multiple rolls within reach for quick, easy application, repair, or adjustment. Simply secure, stick, tamp, and go to create clear visual instructions.

Common Uses for Floor Tape Rolls

Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape rolls are the top choice for industrial facilities to promote safety and improve efficiency. From marking work cells and traveled lanes to bringing attention to spaces that must be kept clear, pre-printed and custom floor tape is an ideal way to create a visual workplace.

To choose the best floor tape rolls for your facility, consider:

  • What common messages you need to convey
  • How often workspaces require frequent workflow changes
  • Which areas see heavy machinery or foot traffic
  • Which messages are most necessary
  • What color standards are in place in your facility

With these answers in mind, the next step is to figure out how many tape rolls you need for initial application and for necessary floor marking repair. Having rolls of floor marking tape on-hand makes the repair process simple—no difficult scraping, time-consuming floor prep, or painting required.

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