Floor Marking Equipment

Floor marking equipment and applicator carts are critical components of any floor tape or floor marking project. A correct application process is key to the success of floor marking products. We offer a variety of pre-application and maintenance cleaning solutions and chemicals, as well as three key carts—a simple applicator cart, a tamper cart, and a Kaizen cart—for efficient and successful floor tape application processes. With supplies and tools within easy reach, the facility’s safety cues and floor markings can be repaired quickly, so staff and visitor safety is a priority—and to ensure better OSHA compliance.

Applicator Cart
Equipped with a pedal powered cutting blade, this unique device allows you to mark and go. Create dash marks or solid lines. This easy to use cart creates durable floor markings in minutes.

Tamper Cart
Equipped with an 8-inch rubber tape tamping roller, the tamper cart helps the floor tape conform to an uneven surface. Tamping the tape is important as the final step of the installation process, since it activates the pressure sensitive adhesive.

Kaizen Cart
The Kaizen Cart organizes all floor marking supplies and maintenance tools in a central location to facilitate daily maintenance and continuous improvement.

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