Superior Marker® Floor Tape Applicator Cart


Perfect for Lean and 5S floor marking needs, our Superior Mark Floor Tape offers solutions that increase productivity, efficiency and safety.

The Superior Marker is the answer for any and all tape installation projects. With the help of our floor marking applicator cart, you will be creating fully marked layouts in no time. Our cart is ideal for projects as simple as lane marking, to more complex 5S layouts as well. Thanks to a foot activated cutting blading, it is easier than ever to created dashed lines. Ease of installation and durability are valued factors in floor marking, and the Superior Marker is the perfect piece of equipment for the job.

Key Features:

  • Foot activated cutting blade
  • Substantial frame
  • Sturdy guiding rod
  • Hand lever activated application


  • Folded - 45 in (front to back) x 20 in wide x 37.5 in high
  • Operating - 76 in (front to back with arm and alignment rod down and pointing to the front) x 20 in wide x 37.5 in high


  • 180 lb.

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