Durable Grade Road Marking Tape

$394.79 - $1,126.80

Durable Grade Road Marking Tape provides exceptional durability in the most demanding traffic conditions.

Recommended for longitudinal and transverse application in moderate traffic areas. The highly retroreflective tape offers superior visibility under all lighting conditions. Minimum 60 mil. (1.52mm) thick composite resists wear. Superior adhesive system minimizes tape movement in hot and cold climates. The adhesive system extends the application season typically shortened by marginal weather conditions.


  • Moderate grade tape
  • Ideal for hot and cold climates
  • 60 mil thickness
  • Glass beads and optional anti-skid embedded into a lead free polymeric paint yield high reflectivity and resistance to wear
  • Flexible rubber base contains additional glass beads for long term reflectivity
  • Superior pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds permanently to road surface through hot and cold weather conditions.

Easy 4 Step Installation

  1. SWEEP
  2. PRIME
  4. TAMP

Quick and easy installation: simply prepare the surface, apply the tape, and tamp in place. For superior durability or snow conditions, the inlay method is recommended. The overlay method may also be used. Marked roadways can be opened to traffic immediately.

Physical Properties

  • Composition: consists of a pre-applied, pressure sensitive adhesive with high quality polymeric materials, pigments and glass beads assuring long term retroreflectivity.
  • Applicability To Pavement Surfaces: Ambient temperatures, 24 hours before and after, of 40 degrees F (5 degrees C) and rising. See Manufacturer's Application Instructions included in each box.
  • Adhesion: Durable Grade Road Marking Tape will adhere to asphalt or portland cement concrete roadway surfaces when applied according to the manufacturer's recommended procedures.
  • Pigmentation: Pigments are selected and blended to provide a marking tape in white or yellow conforming to standard highway colors.
  • Skid Resistance: Durable Grade Highway Road Marking Tape tapes will have an initial minimum skid resistance value of 55 BPN when tested.

Performance Requirements

  • Durable Grade Road Marking Tape, when applied according to the manufacturer's recommendations, shall provide a minimum service period of 24 - 36 months in light to heavy traffic volume.
  • In snow removal areas, plowing may shorten tape's life cycle.