3M Stamark Pavement Marking Tape

$362.42 - $2,491.93

This durable patterned pavement marking tape provides good visibility and value as intersection markings and markings for roads with light to medium volume traffic.

Made with glass beads and a polyurethane top coat, it's designed with a built-in reinforced netting to make it exceptionally heavy-duty. Clearly marks stop bars, crosswalks, symbols, legends and lines with superior color, daytime visibility and high reflectivity at night. This tape is easy to apply by hand and marked pavement can be open to traffic immediately.

Available in:

  • (Non-Linered) White
  • (Non-Linered) Yellow
  • (Linered) White
  • (Linered) Yellow

Please Note: This item has a lead time of approximately 1-2 weeks.