Superior Mark® Carpet Footprints

$5.37 - $11.79
Superior ® Patent No. 8,883,290 and Patent No. 10,214,664.

Our Superior Mark® Footprints are pre-cut from Superior Mark® Floor Tape for the highest quality and convenience.

They come in two sizes, in a variety of colors, install quickly and are easy to maintain. Get them with our industrial quality adhesive or our high quality carpet tape with hook & loop backing.

Carpet footprints are used to mark pathways for foot traffic on carpeted floors. Backed with hook & loop, these footprints are easily removable, and a great alternative to using tape to mark carpeted floors.

Available in a variety of colors, including Glow In The Dark options, Superior Mark® Carpet Footprints are sold by the pair (each pair includes one left and one right footprint). Each footprint measures 3.5 inches wide by 10 inches long.

Queue Paths

Does your business need assistance in keeping customers or clients in a line while waiting for services? Our Superior Mark® Footsteps are the perfect cue to keep people where you want them. Our floor tape is available for concrete floors or for carpet. Our Superior Mark® Carpet Tape comes with a heavy-duty hook & loop backing, making the footsteps easy to put down and take up if you need to change your layout design.

Pedestrian Pathways

Use the footsteps in any color to designate a pathway for employees to take through a workspace, warehouse or plant floor. With many AGVs and other mobile equipment on plant floors, keeping employees safe and out of the way is important. Even though most AGVs and forklifts are equipped with safety equipment meant to protect against collisions, accidents still happen. The footsteps offer a visual cue of where it’s safe to walk.

Paths for Emergency Evacuation

When the lights or power goes out during an emergency situation, it’s imperative there’s a safe path to safety that employees can easily follow. We offer footsteps with a glow-in-the-dark coating that make sure employees can see a pathway to safety in the dark.

Our Superior Mark® Footprints are pre-cut from Superior Mark® Floor Tape® for the highest quality and convenience. They install quickly and are easy to maintain. Our floor tape is engineered to hold up to heavy industrial traffic. We guarantee that it will outperform other brands. The difference is in the beveled edges and recessed, highway grade adhesive. This attention to design makes Superior Mark® Floor Markers the most heavy duty floor tape available. Use it to mark aisles, pallets, work cells and more. They can be removed in one piece, making it ideal for Lean and 5S initiatives that require layout flexibility.