Adhesive Backed Rulers

Measure with accuracy using our reliable adhesive tape measures. Adhesive ruler tape is great for a huge assortment of jobs, including construction work, sewing and more. Each adhesive ruler is made with 2-mil thick polyester material for extra durability and flexibility plus a reliable peel-and-stick adhesive that can be used on steel, aluminum, hard plastics, glass and wood. Each ruler is made-to-order at Stop-Painting, so you get a product that is built to suit your precise application.

Stop-Painting offers a variety of options for your custom adhesive ruler. Choose between fractional, metric, fractional-metric, centering and half-scale styles to ensure that you get a tape that suits your specific measuring needs. We can also create heavy-duty ruler tape using waterproof ink and thicker top coats for more rugged work environments. Because our adhesive rulers are custom made, our standard lead time is 2-3 weeks, but we can expedite production for a small fee.

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