Contoured Anti-Slip Tape

$668.18 - $918.75


Our contoured anti-slip tape is designed for long lasting reflective performance and dramatically improved nighttime visibility on both wet and dry pavements.

The patented retroreflective system utilizes a unique ridged pattern and hybrid ceramic microspheres to guarantee bright, safer lane markings that outlast and outshine all others.

Work sites implementing Lean and 5S organization practices use anti-slip tape as a solution to keep employees safe and moving efficiently. Use a color that best fits in our work environment, available in black, yellow and white.


  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Removable, providing temporary cover for pavement roadway delineation
  • Intended primarily for construction zones when permanent markings are masked out temporarily
  • Exceedingly slip resistant, exhibiting an initial minimum slip resistance of 45 BPN

Note: The black contoured anti-slip tape contains no retroreflective microspheres.


The contoured anti-slip tape consists of a layer of anti-slip particles bonded to a patterned surface of specially formulated polymer resins, pigments, fillers, and an integrated reinforcing system. The underneath side of the tape is coated with a unique pressure sensitive adhesive, which has been specifically designed to firmly adhere to properly prepared surfaces and existing pavement markings.


For the best results, the surface must be clean and dry, with a minimum surface temperature of 50° F. Contoured anti-slip tape cannot be successfully applied over loose or caked dirt, gravel, oily residues, road salt residues, or other foreign substances as these will interfere with proper bonding. Please review the manufacturer's application instructions for more detailed information.

Primary Uses:

  • Construction zones
  • Doorways
  • Areas with high foot traffic
  • Areas subject to moisture

Also called: anti-skid, non-slip, slip-resistant and grit tape

Width: Black is available in 6", 8", 12" and 24" widths. Yellow and White are available in 6" and 8" widths.
Length: Roll sizes: 6" x 330', 8" x 180', 12" x 90', 24" x 90'
Colors: Available in Black, White and Yellow