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Our 5S and Lean floor marking tape, hazard tape, anti-slip tape, and visual cues offer fast installation, easy maintenance, and maximum durability to support safety initatives and organization efforts. Our floor tape is strong enough to hold up under the heaviest industrial traffic, but can be removed quickly—with no residue left behind—for flexibility in workfloor layout or manufacturing processes. Clearly marked hazards, exits, work zones, and visual cues to support Lean processes help improve traffic flow, productivity, and safety in industrial facilities. Create an efficient and safe 5S/Lean workplace using patented Superior Mark® tape and other industrial floor marking solutions in standard or custom options. Choose repeat message floor tape to communicate requirements for specific workflows, apply standard safety messages to indicate hazards or designate where PPE is required, or outline storage, aisle, and machine areas for better organization. Lean/5S floor marking kits allow you to designate health and safety areas for easy access in case of emergency. Create an efficient and safe Lean workplace with Superior Mark® floor marking tape, available in a range of 5S tape colors, standard or custom messages, and universal graphics.

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5S & Lean Tape FAQs

What is 5S tape?

5S Tape is specialized floor marking tape used in a 5S workplace organization system to improve facility safety, productivity, and efficiency.

What does 5S stand for?

5S stands for: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.

How does floor marking tape help 5S?

Because 5S relies on continuous improvement, floor marking tape aids in the fifth step: “Sustain.” Floor tape can be removed and adjusted as new workflows or improved methods are implemented.

How do you use floor marking tape for 5S?

Easy-to-see colors and messages ensure that notices, warnings, and safety information can be spotted right away.