vinyl floor sign

Vinyl Floor Sign

Anti-skid overlaminate
Peel-and-stick adhesive
Applies to smooth surfaces

rubber sign with urethane coating

Rubber Floor Sign

Reinforced substrate rubber
Superior butyl adhesive
Applies to irregular surfaces

inlaid mesh with permanent epoxy adhesive

Inlaid Mesh Floor Sign

Tough mesh fabric
Embeds with liquid adhesive
Applies to irregular surfaces

Custom Floor Signs & Floor Tape

$36.87 - $231.53

Custom floor signs and floor tape are excellent tools for improving organization and efficiency in your warehouse or facility.

Using durable, long-lasting materials, Stop-Painting can make custom floor signs and floor tape in any color, size, shape and design. You can add company graphics and logos to safety floor signs, traffic floor signs or create a sign that displays a facility-specific message. These self-adhesive floor tapes and signs are made for quick and easy installation on both flat and uneven surfaces. Browse our pre-printed floor sign selection for in-stock floor signs and our assortment of pre-printed floor tapes.

Choose from two custom floor sign grades - rubber or permanent inlaid. Our self-adhesive rubber floor signs and tape are our medium-duty option, with a smooth urethane top coating that self-cleans. This option has a high-gloss finish that's great for uneven surfaces. Our permanent inlaid option is our most heavy-duty custom floor sign, with a durable epoxy coating and a gloss finish that's great for areas with high foot traffic.