Permanent Pavement Tapes

Permanent pavement tapes allow you to install stripes and other visual cues on highways and in parking lots to improve traffic flow and safety for pedestrians and motorists. Our economical pavement tapes are made with a flexible rubber base, glass beads, and an anti-skid aggregate that provide exceptional reflectivity for parking lots, crosswalks, roadways, and bike lanes. This pavement striping, which pairs well with other pavement markings, offers lasting adhesion and are quicker, easier, and cleaner to apply to pavement than traditional paint: Apply by hand—no drying time needed, so you don't need to block off traffic or pedestrians. Whether you're looking for parking lot striping tape, road marking tape, heavy-grade highway tape or primer to get the job started, we have durable, easy-to-install options to meet every need.

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