Crosswalk Lines


Our pavement marking tape is designed to mark asphalt or concrete parking lots.

Our pavement marking tape is reflective and anti-skid, and comes in four highly visible colors. This durable tape is easy to install and requires no special equipment. Pavement marking tape is typically 15 times thicker than normal parking lot paint and features an aggressive, anti-slip, top coating which prevents accidents. The pavement marking tape's proprietary adhesive and reflective top coating ensure that the lines will remain in place and be highly visible for years. Free samples of Pavement Marking Tape are available. Try pavement marking tape and see how easy it can be to mark parking lots without paint. Painting is messy and requires a lot of tools and equipment, plus it does not last very long when compared to pavement marking tape. Another advantage of using pavement marking tape is that there is no downtime. When painting lots, one always has to consider the inconvenience of the area being closed while the paint dries. Pavement marking tape eliminates this downtime, which makes property owners happy.

It is important to ensure that crosswalk markings are visible to motorists, particularly at night. Crosswalks should not be slippery, create tripping hazards, or be difficult to traverse by those with diminished mobility or visual capabilities. One of the best pavement marking materials for marking crosswalks is inlay tape, which is installed on new or repaved streets. It is highly reflective, long-lasting, and slip-resistant, and does not require a high level of maintenance. Although initially more costly than paint, inlay tape is more cost-effective in the long run. Surface primer is recommended on older asphalt or concrete. 

***The Crosswalk Pavement Tape is NON-RETURNABLE.***


Would you like a sample of our Crosswalk Line Tape?

Easy 4 Step Installation

  1. SWEEP
  2. PRIME
  4. TAMP

Installation Recommendations: For best results in permanent applications, use our primer to adhere tape to pavement. Use our pavement marking tape applicator for a quick and easy installation.

Please Note: This item typically has a lead time of 7-10 business days if in stock.