Lean & 5S Supplies

Our Lean and 5S floor marking tapes, signs, and pavement stencils are designed to provide visual cues to reinforce the principles of these methodologies. Implementing Lean and 5S in your workplace is key to running a productive business, and visual organization plays an enormous role in maintaining orderly, efficient, and safe warehouses and offices. Our floor tape and signs help improve efficiency and reduce wasted resources by providing clear instructions through a visual communication strategy based on Lean and 5S techniques. Browse our highly visible, easy-to-understand 5S floor tape to find solutions for separating work areas and traffic types so that navigating your facility is efficient and safe. T- and L-shaped floor markers and 5S stencils can guide pallet organization and define supply storage locations to keep the shop floor tidy. Choose from 5S floor signs made in vinyl, rubber, inlaid mesh, or our patented Superior Mark® material to create a more organized production floor or warehouse: We carry options to label cart or forklift parking, trash and recycling bins, and safety equipment to help reduce waste and improve productivity.

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