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Flexible, pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed gaffer tape is ideal for use on stages and production floors to provide concise, easy-to-see visual directions, messages, safety information, or placement cues for people or objects. Whether you call it gaffa tape, stage tape, spike tape, or camera tape, gaffer tape is a must-have tool for theater, film, and photography professionals. Our strong gaffer tape features a durable top layer and heavy-duty adhesive made to withstand foot and equipment traffic for a longer-lasting application than other varieties. This high-quality gaffer tape is designed to meet a variety of use requirements, and can be removed, replaced, and updated easily as your set or stage floor marking needs change—without damaging floors, paint, props, equipment, or surfaces.

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What is Gaffer Tape Used For?

Gaffer tape, also known as stage tape, is a removable floor marking and cable tape used to manage the activity of productions and performances during TV shows, films, concerts, live shows, theatrical events, and industrial staging projects. In a pinch, gaffer tape can even be used to repair or construct set pieces. Woven gaffer tape includes a strong adhesive backing, and ours is stronger, more reliable, and long-lasting than competitors’ solutions. Our beveled edge gaffer tape resists scraping from equipment and foot traffic and leaves no sticky residue behind.

Gaffer Tape Versus Duct Tape

Gaffer tape is the best choice for production settings: It’s designed to resist tearing and scuffing, it withstands traffic even in an industrial setting, and will outlast competing tapes. This stage tape is built to handle the job from start to finish, and remove without a trace. Durable tape and a quality adhesive are top priorities when it comes to gaffer tape, but alternatives such as duct tape can leave sticky residue behind—gummy, unsightly, and potentially dangerous. Instead, our gaffer tape is a reinforced woven rubber tape that lasts even with heavy use and removes easily when it’s time for a set change or venue update—without damaging the stage, floor, or equipment.

Gaffer Tape Options

We carry a variety of solid colors, checkered patterns, and striped tape styles as well as repeating message gaffer tape for clear, easy to read cues, instructions, and safety messages. Black or grey tape blends in for quick set repair, or to mark subtle cues for those who know what to look for. Choose colors to improve safety and visual instruction on location: blue or green to stand out, or orange and red to bring attention to hazardous floor areas on stage and backstage. Our stage tape styles and options include:

  • Beveled edges to prevent tear damage from dragging equipment or set pieces
  • Reinforced woven rubber gaffer tape is a best-selling general purpose marking tape
  • Available in multiple sizes: Choose 2- or 4-inch widths
  • Repeated messages for labeling cables, stage entrances or exits, or reminding cast and crew to watch their step

Looking for a custom solution that camouflages easily against your stage or set pieces? Contact a floor marking specialist today for custom-printed gaffer tape with the texture or pattern to suit your project.

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Gaffer Tape FAQs

What is gaffer tape?

Gaffer tape is a removable floor marking and cable tape typically used to manage the activity of productions and performances. However, it can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Where can you buy gaffer tape?

Gaffer tape can be purchased online from or a hardware supplier.

What is the difference between gaffer tape and duct tape?

Gaffer tape is more durable and longer-lasting than duck tape. Woven gaffer tape includes a strong adhesive backing that does not leave a residue, unlike duct tape, which can leave floors sticky.

Which is stronger duct tape or gaffer tape?

Strength will depend on brand, but in most cases, gaffer tape is much stronger and more durable than duct tape.

Which gaffer tape is best?

Professional Grade, Coated Gaffer's Tape offers a combination of excellent holding power, conformability and high tensile strength to get the job done quickly and efficiently.