FloorMate® Temporary Floor Tape

$19.26 - $330.24

Specialty grade, low adhesion polyethylene masking tape designed for temporarily securing protective floor coverings to coated and cured wood floor finishes in residential and commercial applications, and can also be used on gym floors for temporary court marking, as well as on tile and other floor surfaces. PE 100 FloorMate® Temporary Floor Tape is durable to withstand heavy traffic, offers 30-day clean removal without leaving behind a residue or surface damage when removed from properly prepared/cured wood finishes, is conformable to create curves and will not tear or splinter.

  • FloorMate® Temporary Floor Tape

  • Specialty grade polyethylene masking tape

  • Low adhesion

  • Conformable and can create smooth, curved lines

  • Will not tear or splinter

  • 30-day residue-free removal without surface damage

  • Durable polyethylene backing

  • Acrylic-based adhesive