Removable Construction Grade Aluminum Base Pavement Tapes, Unit of 2 Rolls


Construction Grade Pavement Tape provides an economical level of reflectivity and durability.

Construction Grade Pavement Tape offers temporary or short-term solutions in non-shear areas. This tape is conformable and has highly reflective films with an aluminum foil backing made more durable with a rubber backing. This tape is specifically made to give excellent nighttime delineation during either dry or light-to-moderate rainfall. Sticks to asphalt and concrete and can also be used inside on concrete floors – great for movie sets.


  • Low-Index Glass Beads For Reflectivity
  • Aluminum Base: Built upon a rugged and conformable aluminum base that molds to any road surface.
  • Superior Adhesive: Exceptional adhesive provides simple unwinding coupled with superior holding power.


  • Conforms to Surface: Readily conforms to an infinite variety of pavement surfaces. Whether your surface is concrete, asphalt, or chip seal, Construction Grade Pavement Tape molds to your needs.
  • Stays Put: Superior adhesive eliminates stray tape, minimizing replacement costs and limiting liability.
  • Affordable: A fraction more than temporary paint and substantially less than other reflective tapes, this tape combines retroreflectivity, durability, and economy to provide the lowest cost to benefit ratio available.

Q: What is the difference between "Wet Reflective" and "Construction Grade" pavement tapes?

A: The main difference is the level of reflectivity. Wet Reflective tapes have both "high index" and "low index" beads, which makes them more easily visible at night our during inclement weather conditions. Wet Reflective tapes meet all federal specifications. (State specs vary per state.) Construction Grade tapes only have "low index" beads, and are the more economical option. Because the "Wet Reflective" has more beads, it is thicker, and more heavy-duty/non-skid.

Q: Can these foil backed pavement tapes be used for permanent applications?

A: Although they were not designed to be used for permanent applications, they can have quite a long life depending on the conditions.

Q: Do I need to use a primer to install these foil backed pavement tapes?

A: A primer can be used, but is usually not necessary when installing foil backed pavement tapes. If you do use a primer, wait for it to dry completely before laying down the tape. If the air temperature is less then 50 degrees during installation, it is recommended to use a primer.

Q: How to I remove the tape from the pavement?

A: This tape can be removed by hand by peeling it off in sections. To make it easier, apply heat with a torch or heat gun.