Tape Applicator Cart Rental - Weekly Rental / Price per Week


Rent a floor marking tape applicator by the week to install floor markings throughout the facility, improve Lean and 5S layouts, or repair existing markings. The Superior Marker® floor tape applicator cart is an ideal solution for improving tape installation processes or speeding up application projects—and now, we offer by-the-week rentals so you can cut installation time and stay within budget. A hand lever starts and stops application, the guiding rod keeps your taped lines straight, while a foot-activated cutting blade makes dashed lines easier than ever to apply. Speed up tape installation with flexible floor tape applicator rental options to suit your project requirements. Cut installation time and reduce the need for bending and stooping for hassle-free floor tape installation with an applicator cart—equipment rental windows available for one through six weeks to meet your project needs.

Key Features:

  • Foot activated cutting blade
  • Substantial frame
  • Sturdy guiding rod
  • Hand lever activated application


  • Folded - 45 in (front to back) x 20 in wide x 37.5 in high
  • Operating - 76 in (front to back with arm and alignment rod down and pointing to the front) x 20 in wide x 37.5 in high


  • 180 lb.

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