White Warehouse Floor Tape For Sanitation, 18" x 100'


Warehouse floor tape is often used in food storage facilities. Also known as sanitation tape, it is wider than the average floor tape (at least 18” wide) and is used on the floor around the interior perimeter of a food storage facility. Warehouse floor tape is a visual cue that food can’t be placed in the taped area—it must be placed at least 18” away from the perimeter wall.

Sanitation tape is usually white, helping facility managers see if there is a pest-control issue. Some food storage facilities also use floor signs and pallet markers to remind workers to follow biosecurity regulations.

A roll of our warehouse floor tape is 18” wide x 100’ long and is a more efficient way than painting to mark required perimeter lines of a storage facility interior. It’s easy to install and easily removed if the warehouse design changes.

This product is non-returnable.

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