Blue Eye Protection Sign

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Eye Protection Sign

This eye protection sign is one of our most popular floor signs!

A must-have floor sign for any area in your facility where unprotected eyes might be in danger. This circular, blue floor sign features a white outline of a head wearing eye protection, with the phrase, ''EYE PROTECTION AREA''. Specifications:

Shape/Dimensions: Circle

Text: Eye Protection Area

Image: Head with eye protection

Color: Blue background with White text

Material: This floor sign is available in rubber or CrystalCure™ permanent inlaid materials. Rubber and CrystalCure™ signs are made to order and require a 2-3 week lead time.

Installation Info:

Note: Epoxy for installing the permanent inlaid floor sign is sold separately. Download the Inlaid Floor Sign Installation Instructions.


    • Rubber
    • Permanent Inlaid

Please note that orders under $100 will have a $15 handling fee added to shipping costs at checkout.

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Q: Can the floor signs withstand forklift traffic?

A: The durability of the floor signs will depend on which material you select. The rubber material is very durable compared to most other floor signs on the market. For permanent protection, consider the inlaid epoxy signs which are printed on a mesh like fabric and can be permanently embedded with epoxy into the floor.

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