Removable Traffic Rumble Strips - Roll size: 4 in. x 96 ft.



Traffic Rumble Strips are strips of painted, ridged, or grooved road surfaces to warn drivers when they stray from their lanes onto the hard shoulder.

They are also sometimes used on rural highways to indicate that a stop sign is coming up, especially after a long distance of stop-free traveling before that point. This is the most convenient form of traffic calming used today. The strips alert the driver both by causing a tactile vibration and the audible rumbling. Our Rumble Strip alerts drivers and slows traffic without the added time and expense of installing thermoplastic rumble strips, asphalt rumble strips, or grooved rumble strips. Traffic rumble strips create a visual, audible, and physical alert to drivers in traffic areas where caution is critical, such as school and airport pick-up and drop-off zones, hospitals, and other pedestrian areas. These highly visible traffic aids focus drivers' attention on the road and surroundings, while a repeating "rumble" sound and physical vibration increases drivers' awareness. Traffic calming is easily accomplished.

Traffic Rumble Strips (4" x 96') 67lbs. A rumble strip is a great way to alert drivers to dangers ahead. We offer traffic rumble strips in several eye-catching colors including black. Easy to install, these strips contain a self-adhesive backing and can be cut to desired lengths, however, we recommend using primer on older paved surfaces. A great choice for golf courses,gated communities and schools to alert drivers of pedestrian crossings, work zones, or construction sites. For more information on rumble strips or other products not currently featured please contact us.

Installation is easy with no special equipment. Specially designed for concrete and asphalt surfaces, rumble strips have a pre-applied adhesive backing that creates a secure bond to the road surface. Quick installation reduces the amount of time workers are exposed to dangerous traffic conditions. Roadways can be opened to traffic immediately after installation, and the traffic calming begins with no delay.

Each traffic rumble strip roll is 4" x 96'. Available colors are orange, white and black. Rumble Strips have been proven effective when applied in three sets of ten. The actual spacing will depend on your desired traffic speed.

Please Note: Our rumble strips can be used for both permanent and temporary applications. For permanent, use a primer to permanently adhere them to the road. For temporary, do not use a primer.

Composition: Traffic Rumble Strips are produced from high-quality polymers, pigments, and process aids.
Application: Traffic Rumble Strips will adhere to asphalt or portland cement concrete roadway surfaces when applied according to the manufacturer's recommended procedures. Ambient temperatures, 24 hours before and after, of 40°F (5°C) and rising. See Applicatio
Adhesion: High-tack, user-friendly, proprietary polymeric adhesive which provides a permanent bond to the road surface.
Tensile Strength: 250 psi minimum tested according to ASTM D638
Fade Resistance: 4 Minimum, tested according to ASTM G-23 Method H for 50 hours.
Hardness: 75-105 Shore Durometer
Thickness: 0.250 Inches (6.3mm)