Floor Marking Tapes

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Improve safety, efficiency and productivity by implementing dependable visual cues with our tough floor marking tape.

At Stop-Painting, we manufacture the best and most durable floor tape in the business. Our selection of industrial floor marking products can help solve a variety of critical workflow and safety issues by providing clear and orderly structure to your workplace or warehouse. Each of our high-quality floor tape products is designed with the strength to last under heavy foot or machine traffic while also providing quick installation and removal for easy maintenance.

No matter what your marking needs are, we've got you covered at Stop-Painting - especially when you choose to use our trademark Superior Mark™ floor marking tape. This heavy-duty formulation will hold up to the heaviest industrial traffic thanks to its beveled edges and recessed highway-grade adhesive. We carry Superior Mark™ products to meet your every need, including solid or patterned floor tape rolls, repeat messaging floor tape rolls, floor markers, Velcro carpet tape, warehouse sanitation tape and more. Shop our floor marking tape products today.

Floor tape rolls

Floor Tape Rolls

Choose from solid, patterned, glow-in-the-dark, repeat messaging, and more.

Floor markers

Floor Markers

Available in many colors and in X, L, T, dot, dash, or arrow shape.

Pre-cut floor marking kits

Pre-Cut Kits

Ready-made kits for floor signage solutions such as first aid, egress, and pallet storage.

Carpet tape

Carpet Tape

Velcro-backed floor tape sticks to carpeted surfaces with no tape residue.

Clear label protectors

Clear Label Protectors

Protect important markings using clear rubber label protectors.

Floor marking equipment

Floor Marking Equipment

Apply floor tape correctly with an applicator cart, tamper cart, or kaizen cart.

Custom floor tape and floor sign tool

Custom Floor Tape

If you can't find what you're looking for, don't worry - we can easily and quickly make any floor marking product you need in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs with our custom tool.

Custom floor signs | custom 2 inch floor marking tape | custom 4 inch floor marking tape
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