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Industrial floor marking tapes, kits, and accessories solve critical workflow and safety issues. These easy-to-install and easy-to-remove heavy-duty tapes are perfect for industrial facilities and warehouses, with options for carpet and adhesives formulated for use in freezing temperatures.

Designate safety zones, improve productivity, and display clear visual cues with heavy-duty vinyl floor tape and marking kits: Choose from a variety of common messages or add custom text, logos, and graphics.

You can choose from a variety of common messages or add custom text, logos, and graphics that ensure everyone knows exactly what to do in every location and situation.

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  • Floor Tape Rolls

    Floor Marking Tape

    Superior Mark™ floor marking tape rolls are perfect for marking warehouses and industrial facilities.

  • Superior Mark Hook & Loop Carpet Tape

    Carpet Tape

    Our Superior Mark® Floor Marking Carpet Tape is the most durable option for use on low-pile carpet.

  • Superior Mark L Shape Floor Markers

    Floor Markers

    Create visual messages & markings with our corners, warnings, direction markers & more.

  • Custom Floor Signs & Floor Tape

    Custom Floor Tape

    Custom floor signs & marking tape are excellent tools for improving organization & efficiency.

  • Tamper Cart

    Floor Marking Equipment

    Equipment and applicator carts are critical components of any floor marking project.

  • 5S Tape

    5S Tape

    Durable floor marking and cable tapes to manage the activity of any production or performance.

  • Pre-Cut Kits

    Pre-Cut Kits

    Our Pre-Cut Kits offer simple solutions for floor marking and signage throughout your facility.

  • Repeat Messaging Tape

    Repeat Messaging Tape

    Share important safety information with Repeating Message Floor Marking Tape.

  • Hazard Tape

    Hazard Tape

    Clearly mark danger with Hazard Tape designed with safety and visual communication in mind.

  • Clear Tape

    Label Protectors

    Our clear industrial label protectors withstand heavy traffic to prevent damage to floor labels and barcodes.

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How to Choose Warehouse and Industrial Floor Marking Tape

Safety, organization, and communication: Floor marking tape is a valuable tool in warehouses and industrial facilities. No more painting required: Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape applies quickly, withstands machinery and foot traffic, cleans easily, and removes without leaving behind sticky, gummy residue. There’s a heavy-duty floor marking tape option for every purpose throughout your facility. Compare our most popular choices—Superior Mark®, Last Mark, and economical vinyl floor tape—to find the best floor marking tape for every surface, use, and need.

Floor Marking Tape Type
Best Used For
Top Features
Not Suitable For
Superior Mark® Floor Tape
Maximum durability for industrial use and heavy traffic. Resists dragging.
  • Beveled Edges
  • No Dry Time
  • Quick, Easy Application
  • Removes Without Damage
Last Mark Floor Tape
High-quality vinyl-coated floor tape for use in areas with foot traffic.
  • Easy Application
  • Cost-Effective
  • 20 Mil Thick
Does not resist dragging or heavy traffic.
Vinyl Floor Tape
Lowest-cost, durable tape that adheres to a variety of floor, wall, handrail, and equipment surfaces.
  • Economical Option
  • 3-5 Mils Thick
  • Easy Application
  • Removes Without Damage
Not suitable foot or machine traffic
Carpet Tape
Hook-and-loop backed tape designed to stick securely to low-pile carpet.
  • Sticks Securely to Carpet
  • Removes Without Damage
  • No Adhesive
  • Re-Usable
Not intended for non-carpet applications.

Find Floor Tape Options for Every Need

Our durable vinyl floor tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns to meet every need, from marking hazards to designating traveled lanes and work areas. Text and graphics complement a color-coding strategy. Explore our range of heavy-duty floor marking tapes:

  • Improve safety and productivity when you use floor tape as part of Lean and 5S Methodology to create a visual workplace.
  • Create directional cues with floor tape and pre-cut arrows, dots, and shape markers.
  • Superior Mark® Freezer Tape includes a special adhesive that sticks even in extreme cold or low temperatures—perfect for entrances, refrigerator, and freezer locations.
  • Caution markings, special messages, and glow-in-the-dark floor tape help improve facility safety and bring attention to common industrial hazards with visual cues.
  • Hook and loop backed carpet tape allows for secure application on carpeted floors—and doesn’t leave any sticky residue or damage behind when it’s removed.

How Does Floor Tape Improve OSHA Compliance?

Clear, detailed visual cues can help improve OSHA compliance in industrial facilities, warehouses, and workshops. While OSHA doesn’t require floor tape, specifically, regulations state that permanent aisles and passageways must be marked and unimpeded. Borderlines in work areas and aisles provide visual reminders of spaces that must remain uncluttered and clear for full compliance.

Additionally, pre-cut floor marking kits are ideal for marking emergency exits, first aid kits, electrical panels, and fire extinguishers—areas that must remain unobstructed or risk hefty fines. They’re backed with the same pressure-sensitive adhesive as our Superior Mark™ Tape, so they stick easily, hold up against traffic, cleaning chemicals, and machinery, and remove without leaving behind gummy residue—no scraping necessary.

Custom Solutions for Every Facility

Custom-printed floor marking tape and signs allow you to create workflows, messaging, and directional cues to suit your industrial facility’s specific needs. Pair graphics and text for clear visual instructions, convey important information, or create directional cues for easy navigation. Our custom floor tape tool allows you to design floor marking solutions to suit your facility-specific needs. Try a free floor marking sample pack to see how our floor tape solutions benefit your facility.

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Floor Tape FAQs

How do you apply floor tape?

Clean your surface. Next apply the floor tape by unrolling by hand or with an applicator cart. Firmly tamp the tape product to the floor surface using a tamper device with a minimum of 150 pound load.

How do you lay floor tape straight?

Before applying the tape, measure and mark the intended application area using a ruler and chalk or your preferred temporary marker.

How do you remove floor tape?

Use a putty knife or other tool to lift the edge of the floor tape. Gently but firmly pull the tape from the floor. If any tape or adhesive remains on the floor, press a piece of scrap tape to the remaining pieces, apply pressure, then pull up—the leftover pieces will come with it.

What is floor marking tape?

Floor marking tape is an adhesive-backed tape used to create visual cues in industrial locations such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. Floor tape may also come with hook and loop fastener backing for carpeted locations.

What is marking tape used for?

Floor marking tape is a durable, removable solution for visual communication and can be useful when displaying directional cues, sharing safety information, marking aisles, and designating storage space.

Where can you buy floor tape?

You can buy floor marking tape right here, on our website, or you can contact our Floor Marking Specialists at 1-866-284-1541 for assistance.

What is 5S tape?

Durable 5S floor tape is used as part of a 5S methodology for visual communication, safety, and organization in industrial locations, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

What is the best floor marking tape?

Superior Mark® floor tape includes a strong, pressure-activated adhesive and patented beveled edge design making it the best, most durable floor marking option.

How long is a roll of caution tape?

All Superior Mark® floor tape, including caution tape, is 100 feet long.