SDS Floor Marking Kit - Incl. 3 pc. Yellow Bkgd / Black Border (2'') and 17.5'' Sign

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SDS Data Sheet Location Floor Marking Border Kit

For employee safety and to satisfy OSHA requirements, we offer this SDS data sheet location floor marking border kit. It includes a bright yellow and black rubber sign and printed Superior Mark® floor tape 3-sided border which makes it easy to spot. Place this durable OSHA border marking on the floor in front of your SDS data sheets so employees can find them easily. The rubber sign uses butyl adhesive which is your best option for uneven surfaces. The Superior Mark® floor tape border included in this safety data sheet kit is conveniently puzzle cut for a fast and seamless installation. 


Options:  with or without sign

Width: 2 inches

Thickness: 32 mils

Material: Tape - PVC, Sign - Rubber

Adhesive: Tape - Pressure sensitive recessed adhesive, Sign - strong butyl adhesive

Installation Recommendations: This floor marking tape can be installed in just a few minutes by simply:

  • Cleaning the floor with alcohol. Let the alcohol based cleaner dry completely, then mark a guide to ensure proper alignment.
  • Peel and stick down middle section of the box.
  • Align puzzle cut edges and stick down one side of the box.
  • Align the third strip to complete the box.
  • Peel and stick down floor sign.

Pre-cut Floor Marking tape kit comes with:

  • two 36" strips of Superior Mark®.
  • one 24" center strip of Superior Mark®.
  • puzzle cut edges that seamlessly fit together to form a box shape on the floor.
  • rubber floor sign

Pre-cut boxes are made with Superior Mark® brand floor marking tape, which features beveled edges and recessed adhesive for maximum durability. Pre-cut floor marking boxes are available in any size, and floor signs can be custom printed any size, shape, or design.

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Superior Mark® Patent No. 8,883,290 and Patent No. 10,214,664.