6' Rubber Wheel Stop

$39.95 - $91.35

Comformable Rubber. Rubber stops do not crack, chip or crumble in the weather. Unless your lot is brand new and made to an exacting standard, parking spaces are likely to be tilted or have slight imperfections. Rubber wheel stops flex and conform to these inevitable imperfections. Better Than Concrete or Hard Plastic WheelStops. Compare our rubber wheel stops to hard plastic wheel stops that, given the imperfections of most lots, tend to pop off the ground over time. Or compare rubber to concrete stops. Concrete spalls and pits after a few years. They also take equipment and two people to install. For visibility, they must be painted. The premium material for parking stops has always been rubber. Heavy Weight. Our heavy duty rubber stops weigh in at 36 lbs, approximately 40% heavier then some cheaper competitor models that try to cut corners on material. Eco Friendly. TireBoss is made of 100% recycled rubber – old tires. Let’s keep old tires out of our landfills. Made in North America. Many competitors import their wheel stops from China. Look at the coarse grain. Also with a coal-centric manufacturing process plus 6,000 miles of shipping, these imported stops are an environmental disaster. Reflective Beads. Our chevrons are molded permanently into the rubber. Compare to competitors’ label chevrons that tend to peel or fray after a few years. Support Ribs. Thick internal ribs give TireBoss superior durability and roll-over stength vs our competitors.<br> Easy to Install. For permanent installation, use the countersunk mooring holes to install TireBoss stops with rebar spikes or large bolts. Installation is easy – with just one person. Note that some customers forego fasteners, given the weight and conformability of our stops. Our fastener kits are not included with our wheel stops, but can be ordered a-la-carte on the next page.

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