10' Permanent Speed Bump made of Virgin Polypropylene Plastic 10' x 9' x 2'


10' Permanent Speed Bump

This permanent speed bump can be easily removed to make any necessary road repairs or moved to deploy in another location. It is the only self contouring permanent speed bump currently on the market. Unlike other single piece permanent speed bumps, the interlocking pads allow it to naturally conform to the road surface. This substantially reduces stress and will increase the longevity of the product. Standard lengths are 10 and 20 feet. Customizing options are available for additional costs.

Lowest height on ramp is ¾" high @ 90 degrees, second height change is 2 ¼" long @ 18 degrees with the height @ 1 ½", finally the top height change is 2 ¼" long @ 8 degrees with the top of a total 1 ¾". Made of a durable high grade Poly Propylene material. Yellow in color.