HAIR MUST BE CONTAINED'' (with hair net graphic) Safety Stencil - 1/16-inch thick Only

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This Hair Net Safety stencil is extremely important for reminding employees to maintain hygeine and prevent hair from becoming a nuisance, especially within the food preparation and service industry.

This "Hair Must Be Contained" stencil featuring a hair net graphic is made of premium polyethylene plastic which is designed to be used multiple times. We recommend using aerosol paint and a marking gun for fast, hassle-free stencil application. Quickly and easily post safety and organizational messages using our high-quality floor stencils. Ideal for any warehouse, industrial space or maintenance shop, floor stencils can be applied on any surface using aerosol paint. Keep your workplace hygenic and safe for customers with safety stencils.


Hair Net Safety Stencil Specifications:
  • Stencil Dimensions: 17" x 17"
  • Stencil Thickness: 1/16"
  • Stencil Material: Polyethylene Plastic


Application Recommendations: Aerosol paint is the best paint to use with our stencils.

Lead time is 2-3 business days.