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Available in 15 Beautiful, UV Resistant Colors! plastic lumber colors

Please note, due to the dynamic nature of the current marketplace, the current pricing for our recycled plastic lumber products may vary from the list price on our website. Please request a quote via Contact Us or call our office at 919-569-6765 and we will be happy to provide an accurate quote including freight.

Product Info:

  • Our 100% recycled Select™ Lumber is made of high density polyethylene plastic with colorants and ultraviolet stabilizers added to provide longevity in outside applications. Our boards are solid with pigment throughout to provide consistent color and uniformity even after cutting.
  • Select™ Lumber has clear advantages over composite lumber products. Select Lumber™ utilizes high quality recycled HDPE, primarily milk jugs. Each foot of 2" x 6" requirest 3.2 lbs of recycled materials. Roughly 307 milk jugs are diverted from landfills for each 2" x 6" x 12' board.
  • Select Lumber™ is a long lasting, low maintenance alternative to wood. Select Lumber saws, drills and screws like wood.  However, it does not rot or splinter. Plus, it never needs painting or staining.
  • Select Lumber™ is an excellent choice for benches, decks, docks, boardwalks, and parking curbs. Select Lumber™ is available in profiles comparable to wood. It is manufactured in ten colors. Ultraviolet protection is added to Select Lumber to guard against color fade.
  • FiberForce® reinforced Plastic Lumber is made of recycled high density polyethylene plastic, colorants, ultraviolet stabilizers, and combined with fiberglass. This combination provides better structural properties (strength and rigidity) for more demanding applications. FiberForce® has the same color properties as the Select™ product. FiberForce® also has clear advantages over composite lumber products. 

Advantages of RPL Over Wood

RPL is clean, nontoxic, and nonporous, and lasts longer than wood. In addition, all types except wood-filled RPL have the following advantages over wood:


  • Moisture and chemical resistant.
  • Graffiti resistant.
  • Splinter free, does not crack.
  • Does not need sealants or preservatives.
  • Colored throughout, does not need paint.
  • Impervious to insects.
  • Flexible, can be curved and shaped.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Does not absorb bacteria.
Compare Trex Decking to Select® and Fiberforce® Plastic Lumber
Plastic Lumber Brands:

Key Considerations:
Select® and Fiberforce®
Recycled Plastic Lumber
Trex is a composite of 50% wood and 50% recycled polyethylene plastic.
Our plastic lumbers are not composites, they contain 100% recycled HDPE plastic, and absolutely NO WOOD!
Because Trex is 50% wood, water can penetrate it, making it susceptible to mold, mildew, fungus, insects, and marine borers.
Because our lumber is completely impervious to water, fungi, insects, mold, mildew, and marine borers, they will not deteriorate in any way. Guaranteed.
Warranty Coverage
10 Year Warranty for all purchasers other than residential homeowners, 25 Year Limited Residential Warranty
50 Year Warranty for everyone!
Environmental Considerations
• Cannot be recycled.
• Must be combined with traditional lumber (often sourced from virgin forests) on projects requiring structural integrity.
• Made from 100% recycled plastic, diverting the more plastic from landfills than any other plastic lumber.
• Fully recyclable after use, creating no future waste.
• No trees are cut down to produce this product, which helps preserve our rapidly diminishing forests.
Color Quality & Selection
11 colors that will fade and weather from their original shade.
15 Colors that are all UV protected to maintain their original shade.
Load Bearing Applications
Not strong enough for substructures. Must be combined with wood for load bearing structures.
Fiberforce® contains fiberglass which gives it increased structural integrity. Combine Select® and Fiberforce® for any green building project!


Please note that for our recycled plastic lumber items, there is a $100 small order fee for all orders under $500. This fee will not show up at checkout, but will be reflected on your final invoice.  Additionally, recycled plastic lumber is made to order and has a 7-8 week lead time.

Please note that the “Estimate Shipping” link on our website is not set up to accurately calculate the freight cost for oversize or overweight items that cannot ship via standard ground FedEx or UPS. If you place an order and the freight charges exceed the amount given at checkout, we will contact you to approve any additional freight charges before processing your order. We are happy to provide a freight quote in advance. Thank you!

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Q: Can I get pieces cut in custom lengths?

A: Yes. We will cut the lumber to an exact inch for a cutting fee of $1.50 per cut for boards less than 4" thick. For thicker boards, please call for exact quote.

Q: Is the lumber in stock?

A: No. All plastic lumber is made to order, and the lead time is 8 weeks for most colors. (May be longer for specialty colors like white, blue, red, and yellow.)

Q: Can the lumber be picked up from a local warehouse?

A: No. The lumber is all shipped direct from the manufacturing facility and is not available for pickup.

Q: What is the weight capacity for 6' and 8' Park ave bench?

A: 500 pounds on the 6' and 750 pounds on the 8'

Q: Can the RPL be painted?

A: No, it is not recommended. RPL is available in 15 beautiful, UV resistant colors (please refer to the color chart). We can also do custom color matches if you need a color that is not found in the chart. Please call us at 919-569-6765 for additional information. 

Q: Can I use recycled plastic lumber for load bearing applications?

A: Most types of plastic lumber do not have the structural integrity for load bearing applications. They are not recommended for building the substructures of decks, for example. Other brands of plastic lumber will recommend that the builder combine their plastic lumber with pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood contains highly toxic chemicals like arsenic, and is often sourced from virgin forests. It is not recommended on structures that children will be using. This is another area where the plastic lumber from stands out from the competition. It is possible to build entire structures, even the substructure, with our recycled plastic lumber. Our Fiberforce® brand lumber is reinforced with fiberglass, which provides better strength and rigidity for demanding applications. For joist applications and other increased load bearing needs, consider using our BarForce™ lumber, which is reinforced with 4-5 fiberglass rods throughout the length of the lumber. At, we have everything you need to build a safe, durable, non-toxic structure that will stay beautiful for a lifetime.

Q: Will I need special tools or training to build with recycled plastic lumber?

A: No, you can use traditional wood working tools. However, it is very important to read our installation guidelines before building. There are some important differences to consider when building with recycled plastic, which contracts and expands more than wood. 

Q: Where can recycled plastic lumber be used?

A: Gates, Fences, Stalls, retaining walls, sound barriers, car stops, walkways, railings, compost bins, flooring, pallets, truck flooring, park benches, picnic tables, playgrounds, walkways, decking, wood bridges, sign posts, guard rails, speed bumps, piers, pilings, seawalls, boat docks, roofing shingles and more!

Q: Can you cut boards at a 45 degree angle?

A: Yes, we can! Let us quote the cut fee based on your quantity.

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