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Hazard Stripe Superior Mark Floor Tape

Hazard Stripe Superior Mark Floor Tape


New Superior Mark Hazard Stripe tape is a great alternative to checkered vinyl tape. It boasts a high contrast color pattern that catches the eye and commands awareness. In addition, it features Superior Mark's patent pending beveled edge design, with a recessed adhesive that will stand up to forklift traffic. Choose between the following Colors: Black/Yellow, Black/White, Red/White, and Green/White. They are available in 2 inches wide by 100 feet long. The Black/Yellow only is available in 4 inches wide by 100 feet long.

Superior Mark® Floor Tape Features:

36-wide-check-button-goldBeveled Edges

36-wide-check-button-goldRecessed Adhesive

36-wide-check-button-goldQuick Installation

36-wide-check-button-goldEasily Removable

36-wide-check-button-goldGreat for Lean and 5S

36-wide-check-button-goldBest Tape for Heavy Traffic


"I truly believe that Superior Mark® brand floor tape is the most durable on the market. If you're not satisfied with your first roll, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Guaranteed."

Clifford A. Lowe
Managing Director of Insite Solutions, LLC
Creator of Superior Mark®

Superior Mark® brand floor marking tape is the thinnest, toughest, and most consistent floor tape on the market. This industrial floor tape is thin enough (.035") to prevent many trip hazards but withstands traffic from the busiest facilities. Superior Mark® is designed to eliminate common factory maintenance problems such as painting and replacing vinyl tape, which require excessive installation time. Superior Mark® installs quickly and easily with minimal personnel and equipment. Our aggressive adhesive system also adheres directly to retroplate and ashford floors without beadblasting or other forms of surface preparation. Superior Mark® is easily removable to allow for changes in factory layout without damage to the factory floor or excessive labor.

installation instructions

Download a Printer Friendly Flyer about Superior Mark® floor tape.

Instructions on How To Test Floor Tape

Available in 6 Colors!

Read our Customer Testimonials!

"I DID get the samples, and we’ve been testing them in a few higher traffic places, and so far, it’s working GREAT! I’ve also purchased some tape and “footprints”, and we’ve used the tape and put several of the footprints down (again, in the higher traffic areas) and everything looks good and is working great! We have always painted the footprints, and with high traffic and all, they have never quite looked as good as I had hoped they would. But with the stick on ones, we can clean the spot where they go, put them down, and DONE! People can run over them with carts or pallet jacks, and the edges stay crisp and they look great! I’ve had many comments on how good they look. We will be buying many more of those! And the tape is much better than the paint, as we will be re-organizing our shop to allow for new equipment in the very near future. The tape will allow us to make changes with minimal effort, without having to rope areas off for long periods of time waiting for paint to dry. As well as easily moving the lines, without having to scrape up old paint and try to make it look like there weren’t still painted lines there when we’re done! I’m very pleased to have found you guys! The tape is a little more expensive than paint, but the time (and labor!) savings makes up for the difference!"
Deb L., Davinport, IA
“The BEST price AND fastest delivery right when we needed it. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend this seller and I would do business with again (as a matter of fact we have already made a 2nd purchase from them!!).”
Harold S., Lakeland, FL
“It was great to buy such a good product at a very good price, It is some times hard to find great service and a product you like in the same place. The service with a smile that you know is there. Thank You.”
Max M., San Diego, CA
“I found exactly what I needed at a very competitive price. It arrived in a timely manner, and I am extremely happy with the products and the service.”
Paul M., Council Bluffs, IA
“Great company to deal with. They shipped promptly and their product is fantastic. Nothing like it. Well worth every penny.”
Bob C. from Danvers, MA after purchasing Superior Mark Floor Tape.
“The purchase was easy and convienant and delivery was prompt. The product was exactly what I was looking for.”
Mel M., Thomaston, GA
“High quality product. Prompt shipping.”
Murat K., Dunn Loring, VA
“Thanks for a great product. Looks like the real thing, and at a great price too. Thanks again!”
Fred K., Louisville, KY
“Excellent service overall.”
Jeff D., Lincoln NE
“Fast shipping, Superb Customer Service, Highly Recommended”
Jeff Z., Homestead, FL
“Excellent service, I recommend it highly.”
Oztekin K., Nutley, NJ
“quick shipping and best price”
Reginald A., Alpine, CA

To get a copy of our case study, Click HERE to download.

Floor Marking Tape Case Study - An infographic by the team at InSite Solutions, LLC

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installation instructions

Download a Printer Friendly Flyer about Superior Mark® floor tape.

Instructions on How To Test Floor Tape

Q: How long will Superior Mark last?

A: Every facility has a different environment. From floor texture to traffic there are so many variables that will affect the wear on your floor products that we cannot definitively answer that question. However, we are so confident that Superior Mark will outlast any other floor tape on the market that we will give you a free sample to test in your facility. You can test it to see just how long it will last with no cost to you!

When you test our tape, we ask that you perform an objective, controlled test and compare it to other floor marking options such as paint or other brands of floor tape. We ask that you look at the big picture, which is the long term maintenance of the floor marking. We believe our tape is the best floor marking tape not because its indestructable (it's not) but because when you weigh all the factors involved in the long term maintenance of a floor marking stripe, Superior Mark has distinct advantages. Everyone wishes they had a turn key solution that they could apply and never have to worry about again. The reality is that just does not exist at this time. The good news is, that when damage does occur, Superior Mark is the easiest to repair. It can be easily removed and replaced without damaging the floor. Can forklifts damage it? Sure. Name a floor marking product that isn't affected by thousands of pounds of force. The reason our product is popular is because it is the most durable option that is also easily maintained. That little section of tape that got knicked can be repaired in two minutes for less than $2, and it can be done on the fly, at a moment's notice (like when your CEO decides to pop in, or the OSHA inspector) without shutting down the facility or planning for dry time. That's the advantage of Superior Mark. That's why we encourage you to test and COMPARE it to other floor marking products. We challenge you to find a better solution than Superior Mark. We've performed countless accelerated wear tests with every brand of floor tape we could find, and just haven't found a floor marking tape that beats Superior Mark. We know we're biased, that's why we encourage everyone to test and see for themselves.

Q: What is your top recommendation for floor tape in a high forklift traffic area?

A: Superior Mark

Q: What is the length of the roll of Superior Mark floor tape?

A: All rolls measure 100 feet long.

Q: What widths are available?

A: 2"x100' or 4"x100'

Q: What is the lead time for Superior Mark? If I order Superior Mark today when will I receive it?

A: We strive to fulfill your order for Superior Mark as quickly as we possibly can. Please call for the most up to date turnaround times.

Q: Can you make custom printed floor tape?

A: Yes! Custom printed Superior Mark tape is now available. Click here to learn more.

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Hazard Stripe Superior Mark Floor Tape