5S & Lean Supplies

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As advocates of visual workplaces, we offer a large inventory of Lean and 5S tools, products and resources to help your company fully implement Lean and 5S practices or continuously improve upon an already existing Lean workplace. Our innovative collection of products are designed to help you fully employ the 5S method – sorting, straightening, shining, standardizing and sustaining.

A Lean/5S work area typically uses many visual cues or devices to keep employees informed and productivity high. Designing, producing and providing these visual devices is our specialty.'s floor markings and adhesive signs are the best products in the industry to meet visual cue needs. Our Superior Mark Floor tape and Superior Mark tape products are made in our facility and feature a 32 mls thickness, beveled edges to resist scraping and a recessed adhesive. Superior Mark products are the most durable you will find. We know 5S and Lean practices and have designed our top products to help you implement the protocols in your business. We also offer custom designed Superior Mark products.

Other top selling products to our customers interested in pursuing Lean and 5S goals include tools and products to help with de-cluttering and organizing, our Kaizan and tape application carts, books, leadership posters, PPE equipment, GHS labels, labels, software packages and more. We also have an online game that teaches basic 5S practices and serves as a great icebreaker for introducing Lean and 5S to employees and more 5S/Lean information in our Resource Center.