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Introduce your team to 5S methodologies or get them reacquainted with these effective 5S DVDs. These video resources cover all the major principals of the 5S approach, from sort to sustain and beyond, to help ensure that all team members and leadership employees are properly applying 5S strategies. From basics to in-depth studies, these DVDs will give you the tools and information needed to implement and sustain a company-wide 5S strategy. In addition to powerful 5S videos like the 5S Into Action DVD, we also carry lean manufacturing DVDs, kaizen DVDs and Value Stream Management (VSM) DVDs. The powerful Shigeo Shingo series is an excellent resource for companies that are new to Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) methodology. This two-volume DVD covers everything from mistake-proofing to zero defects in a way that's humorous and engaging. Your facility-wide 5S strategy will also benefit from Stop-Painting's custom-printed Superior Mark Floor Tape or 5S floor signs.
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