DO NOT ENTER (with bar) Stencil

$28.64 - $79.80
Superior Mark® Patent No. 8,883,290 and Patent No. 10,214,664

This "Do Not Enter" Stencil makes it easy to keep pedestrians and vehicles out of restricted areas for improved warehouse safety by preventing accidents and injuries.

Our long-lasting "Do Not Enter" Stencil alerts customers, guests and employees to steer clear of restricted areas such as storage rooms, work areas and other areas where it may be unsafe to enter. Easy-to-read font is separated by a large bar, signaling the international symbol for off-limits areas. This safety stencil measures 17" x 17" and is made from high-quality polyethylene plastic. Choose from heavy-duty 1/8-inch or economical 1/16-inch thickness for a budget-friendly way to mark places that should be closed off to the public or employees.

Application Recommendations: Aerosol paint is the best paint to use with our stencils. To save time, use a marking gun to apply the paint.

Stop-Painting offers a large selection of aerosol paint to use with this warning stencil. For less permanent, less damaging ways to keep people out, browse our selection of Superior Mark aisle marking tape, including yellow and black hazard stripe tape and more.

Lead time is 2-3 business days.


Stencil Material: Polyethylene plastic (LDPE)
Stencil Size:: 17 inches by 17 inches