Conserve Energy Poster

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Reduce waste in your office with our Conserve Energy Poster

Description: When going green, rely on this energy conservation poster to communicate and reinforce go green strategies. The lighthearted cartoon employees on this energy conservation poster will inspire employees to recycle and embrace green habits. Please note that we can print custom signs and posters. If you do not see the message or graphic that you need to green your workplace, please call us for a quote on a custom design.

Includes the following Energy Saving Slogans:

Turn off printers, monitors, PCs, copiers, or other equipment when not in use.

Turn off screen savers.

Set computer to automatically go into sleep mode.

Turn off all lighting when not in use.

Material: #2 Plastic (High Density Polyethylene), 75% recycled content, .055 gauge

Dimensions: 22'' x 16''

Durability: Approved for indoor or outdoor use, minimum of 3-5 year durability outdoors.

Mounting Attachment: 4 double sided adhesive tabs included for each sign.

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