Epoxy Dispenser Gun & Cartridge Kit


Epoxy Dispenser Gun & Cartridge Kit

Our Epoxy Dispenser Gun & Cartridge Kit  is designed to create a strong adhesion to asphalt, concrete, or any paved surface.


Mixing epoxy by hand can be a difficult, exhausting and even health hazardous process. Achieving the correct mix ratio of hardener and resin can be challenging, and uncertainty is often the result. Considering that the durability of the epoxy depends on the accuracy of this mix ratio, applying epoxy by hand can often result in temporary adhesion. Also, when mixing by hand, it is easy to mix much more epoxy than needed for a specific project.  InSite Solution’s Epoxy Dispenser Gun mixes precise quantities of Parts A and B to insure maximum durability of adhesion and ease of application.

In regards to health hazards, breathing in strong fumes of epoxy can lead to sensitization and “Occupational Asthma”, as classified by The symptoms of this condition include chest tightness, wheezing and shortness of breath. Also according to, two of the occupations that are considered “High Risk Occupations” for developing occupational asthma are Adhesive Handlers and Users of Plastics and Epoxy Resins. Also, skin contact with epoxy could cause severe irritation or even chemical burns. The Epoxy Dispenser Gun minimizes fumes and any contact of the epoxy with skin, thereby greatly reducing health risks.

Possible applications for the Epoxy Dispenser Gun include attaching road studs, delineator posts, park benches, fire hydrants and more.

Please call for more information, or play the video in the "Watch Video" to see how to install road markers using our epoxy gun epoxy.


  • (1) Manual squeeze handle gun
  • (1) epoxy cartridge
  • (1) mixer
  • (1) retainer nut

Installation: Please see video in "Video" tab.

Please note epoxy cannot be returned due to the nature of the product. This item ships within the contintental US only.

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