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Carpet Tape

Carpet Tape by Superior Mark™

Our carpet tape is an ultra-durable 32-mils thick PVC tape with velcro backing for easy application and removal on carpeted floors.

Educators are an inventive lot. They have to be. Keeping control of a classroom is no easy feat either, as anyone knows who has ever spent a day sitting behind an instructor's desk. When a method works in the classroom, teachers spread the word to one another. Such is the case with - of all things - carpet tape, at least when it's durable. Just listen to teachers rave about it:

"I teach preschoolers who move around constantly. So if there is velcro carpet tape on the rug they know exactly where they should be. When it's time to line up, again there is no question where their little feet go!!"

— Comment from Your Teacher's Aide -

Tape is our bailiwick. Our flagship floor tape is Superior MarkTM, a 32-mil-thick PVC tape featured on the reality TV program School Pride, which renovated a different school each episode. The U.S.-patented tape comes with a self-adhesive backing. We also make a version with a Velcro® backing for carpeted rooms.

Our floor tape and velcro carpet tape are the most durable on the market. Used frequently to mark floor lines in warehouses, the floor tape withstands forklifts dragging heavy pallets over it. Superior Mark™ Carpet Tape is widely popular in schools for marking classroom carpets, and plays well with the kids. The tape comes in a wide spectrum of colors and can also be customized with words and graphics.

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Removable Velcro Carpet Tape

Some Common Uses

Carpet Tape in the Classroom
Designated areas to line up & gather
Mark where desks and furniture belong
Draw aisles, boundaries & borders
Use to set up games & activities