OSHA GHS compliance dates fast approaching


Train US Employees on new SDS format & new labels


Manufacturers & Distributors must reclassify chemical hazards & labels


Distributors CAN NO LONGER ship products with old labels


Final Requirement of the GHS rollout - Employers are required to have a workplace labeling program for secondary containers.

GHS Labels

Are you ready for OSHA's new Hazcom Safety Program which takes effect June 1, 2016?

Our label meets the OSHA requirements under the new GHS (Global Harmonization System) June 1, 2016 deadline for workplace labeling. Employees can transfer GHS chemical hazard information from a parent chemical container to our workplace secondary container label with ease, resulting in a safer workplace with more accurate workplace container labeling. Additionally, Stop-Painting offers SDS stations, Binders and other GHS products and support materials and training to meet the new regulations.

Using these Hazcom Labels as part of your Hazard Communication Program and workplace labeling system, makes GHS training easy and reduces the risk of chemicals being mislabeled, employees injured or receiving an OSHA Hazcom citation.

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How to Use Our Easy GHS Secondary Label

GHS Label Instructions - Overview GHS Label Instructions - Step 1 GHS Label Instructions - Step 2 GHS Label Instructions - Step 3 GHS Label Instructions - Step 4 GHS Label Instructions - Step 5
A-safety glasses

B-safety glasses and gloves

C-safety glasses, gloves and an apron

D-face shield, gloves and an apron

E-safety glasses, gloves and a dust respirator

F-safety glasses, gloves, apron and a dust respirator

G-safety glasses, a vapor respirator

H-splash goggles, gloves, apron and a vapor respirator

I-safety glasses, gloves and a dust/vapor respirator

J-splash goggles, gloves, apron and a dust/vapor respirator

K-airline hood or mask, gloves, full suit and boots

X-ask supervisor or safety specialist for handling instructions.
GHS Label Instructions - Step 6 Shop GHS Secondary Labels