Individual Reversed Steel Stamps

Individual Reversed Steel Stamps
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Individual Reversed Steel Stamps

Lead time is 5-7 business days. This item is available in the following variations:

Choose Character Size

  • 1/16 IN
  • 3/32 IN
  • 1/8 IN
  • 5/32 IN
  • 3/16 IN
  • 1/32 IN
  • 1/4 IN
  • 5/16 IN
  • 3/8 IN
  • 1/2 IN


  • Stamp Characters in Reverse on Thin Metal Patterns, Embossing, Forging Dies, or in Mold Applications
  • Provide Raised, Right Reading Forms on the Surface of the Product
  • Marked with Character Designations on the Thumb Side
  • For hand-held, hammer-struck applications
  • Crowned striking surface ensures full force to the center of the stamp & textured shank provides firm easy grip

How to select the correct stamp

Ask- "What will you be stamping?" & "How frequently will you use the stamp?"

Stamp Selection Guide

Material Being Marked
Grade of Stamp Frequency of Use Wood Leather Aluminum Brass Sheet Metal Cold Roll Steel Stainless Steel Water/Oil Hardened Steel Heat Treated Material up to 50Rc
Standard Occasional
Heavy Duty Moderate
Premier Every Day
Rhino High Volume

 Not Recommended Good Better Best

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