Pedestrian Only Stencil - 17.5"

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This Pedestrian Only stencil is excellent for marking lanes in and around your facility that are specifically reserved for employee and visitor foot traffic.

Words combined with graphics produce effective signs for immediately conveying an important message. This Pedestrian Only stencil is no exception. specializes in durable and reusable polyethylene floor stencils that can be used to easily and affordably paint signs onto the floors of warehouses, factories and public areas. This pedestrian stencil measures 17.5 inches in diameter. Keep both pedestrians and drivers safe and in their own designated areas with this easy-to-use stencil. It can be effectively used with our premium quality aerosol paint. Add a premade traffic sign for pedestrians to further direct traffic.


Pedestrian Only Stencil Specifications:
  • Stencil Dimensions: 17.5" diameter
  • Stencil Thickness: 1/16"
  • Stencil Material: Polyethylene Plastic


Application Recommendations: Aerosol paint is the best paint to use with our stencils.

Lead time is 2-3 business days.