Back & Foot Protectors

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Help prevent workplace injuries with Stop-Painting's selection of back protectors and foot protectors. Since back injuries comprise about 20 percent of all workplace injuries, employers should provide protective back belts in addition to proper lifting and handling procedures. We carry high-quality lifting back belts constructed from durable orthopedic elastic that feature comfortable suspenders to help keep them in place. Choose from a variety of sizes to ensure a proper fit.

Stop-Painting also supplies reliable foot protectors for on-the-job injury prevention. An important part of any work safety program, work safety boots can help reduce the likelihood of smashing/impact injuries, cuts and abrasions and piercing injuries. Our waterproof work boots can also help prevent funguses, chronic infections, hypothermia and loss of blood flow to the feet. We carry protective work boots ranging from weather-resistant Arctic Boots for -40 degree foot protection to PVC White Boots that are designed for food handling and agriculture.

Further increase workplace safety using Stop-Painting's equipment floor signs that promote the use of proper personal protective equipment.
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