Energy Conservation Signs

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Stop-Painting offers specific energy conservation signs that allow you to post concise reminders around the workplace. Recycling signs are great for hanging just above your recycling or sorting bins. We offer recycling reminder signs for paper recycling, metal recycling, aluminum recycling, plastic recycling and more in both English and Spanish options. You can also remind employees and visitors to turn lights or computers off when not in use or to opt for e-mail instead of paper memos with these handy eco-friendly signs.

These Green@Work signs are all constructed from durable No. 2 plastic, a high-density polyethylene that's sourced from 75 percent recycled content. Available in both 5-inch by 3-inch and 7-inch by 10-inch options, these small signs can be placed anywhere where a quick reminder is required. Most of these signs are also approved for both indoor and outdoor use, with a three to five year durability span when placed outdoors. They come with four double-sided adhesive tabs for quick and easy mounting.
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